Saturday, December 13, 2008

Iguazu Falls

I have been to many countries; I have seen many beautiful spots all over the world. Iguazu beats everything I have seen before.
There are spots as impressive and as beautiful, but I cannot recall such incredible concentration of natural beauty, such density, such abundance! Usually it takes time and effort to get from a gate of a national park to the point of interest. Yosemite Park is big and beautiful, but it is an ordinary kind of beauty, without too many animals and wild life in general, quite monotonous – we drove for more than an hour from the bottom of the mountain to the Glacier Point – and then it was: Wow!
Mountains in Switzerland are impressive and beautiful, but also sort of monotonously the same. Mountains in Kazakhstan (around Almaty) from my childhood memory were stunning and beautiful. Mountains do impress me.
I have seen beautiful waterfalls in Southern China and Philippines, as well as in Australia – we have a few pretty ones.
We have many beautiful spots in Australia. 12 apostles made a strong impression on me.
But again – it is one spot, grand but one, and it takes some time to get there, then you look at it and go back…
Iguazu is never boring and waterfalls seem to be endless. There is always something happening: in the water, in the forest, in the air. Air is thick with millions of butterflies of all sizes and shapes and colours. The sounds of life are overwhelming. Something always sings, screams, barks, roars, crushes through the bushes, whistles… And waterfalls – big and small, very high and quite miniature, wide rivers and tiny puddles, rushing through the rocks with an incredible power and force.
It is a place to see at least once in a life time. I would say: Iguazu is the must!

In this respect Fraser Island (a place of a totally different kind) can compete with Iguazu falls: endless beaches of divine beauty and tranquillity, ever-changing scenery is full of surprises, everything is full of life – and beautiful, unspeakably beautiful.

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Binger said...

Very cool, I love it! Keep blogging!
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