Monday, September 8, 2008

Two sides of the coin - hotels in the USA

The best hotel experience in terms of value for money. It is a small old fashioned place, but the room was big and clean, and it looked pleasant. The bed was excellent, the bed linen too. Plumbing was perfect, Internet connection was faultless and free of charge, the service was good and the breakfast too. It all costs $68US during a school holiday period. If you know a better deal let me know!

The worst place we saw in the USA was a motel in Gorda, Big Sur. this place is a total disgrace to American hospitality industry: dirty old room with a lock which does not work properly (neighbours helped us and opened our door with their key!), with no fridge or a TV set, no Internet, with leaking shower which did not let me sleep all night. All these "luxury" casts $275.00 plus taxes.
They sell petrol there for $6.99 per gallon while other places were selling it for $4.99.
The food in the restaurant was very expensive but not edible which is an extreme rarity in the USA. I hardly can imagine a worse place to stay.
To be fare, it was the only horrible place we encountered.
In general, hotels are wonderful and service is very good.

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