Monday, September 8, 2008

Dining in New York

The USA is known for good quality food. This restaurant Don Veitia is a very good classical restaurant and a good value for money. It is not very cheap, but for the quality they offer it is the most affordable restaurant in their league. They have an excellent menue, a good selection of wines, wonderful service and highly edible food.
It is an impeccable place.

If you have a lot of money and want to have something really different for dinner, something really memorable! - Ninja is a good place to go.
This Japanese cave is located in a boring highrise building in Manhatten - you would never guess that you will have to watch every step carefully because all sorts of dangers are awaiting your arrival (dangers are real, but not lethal - unless you have a weak heart!).
Depending on you choice of food you may have to use a sword to get your meal, you will try to fish your food out of smoke which fills your cell etc. The service was impecable and our waiter was a lot of fun (a man to die for!).
The only downside - it is expensive. I heard Russian language from a few "cells" which means "new Russians" spend their money there. It is not a restaurant from my league, but I am glad we tried it!

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