Friday, September 10, 2010

La Buca di Ripetta, Rome

Finally I am back to my blog writing... After a long break (half a year is a long time!) I am back to travelling and eating in the restaurants. What if not food is the most inspiring topic, and what offers better food choices than Italy?
Here I am, writing about the most memorable food place in our last trip.
We found this restaurant in the most unlikely place - the very heart of Rome: filled with tourists, souvernires, fashion labels and terrible places, which are called restaurants but they don't really serve food. They serve poorely looking immitation of food and charge top prices for it, knowing that a visitor won't find anything better.
Wrong! We found the most elegant food in the most accomodating environment just a few meters from Piazza del Poppolo, or - to be more accurate - between Piazza del Poppolo and the Academy of Fine Arts on Via di Ripetta.

From the night when we discovered this place we ate there every night - there just could not be anything better in the walking distance from the place where lived. We had some typical Italian dishes such as Insalata Caprese or Parma ham with melon, but we had some surprises as well - and how tasty it was. Have you ever tried pear raviolies? I - who does not like sweet food in general - tried it once and had it all the time ever since! So yummy!

Presentation was always typical Italian, which means - unusual, elegant, appealing and inspiring: whether it was an assorted starter or a traditional desert such as a tiramisu.

It was not really cheap, but it was good! Well, what is cheap in a heart of Rome? Everything is expencive and normally bad - so La Buca was the best find in our recent trip to Rome!

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Good stuff! Thanks for this update.