Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kangaroos in Coober Pedy

We did not plan to stay in Coober Pedy long. Before we got there I even did not know that the place exists. I had no idea what we can do in a tiny town in a middle of a desert and would not mind to move on as soon as possible. A sand storm and a thunder storm (what a combination!) changed our mind. Our stop in Coober Pedy lasted 3 days, and it was not boring!
The most remarkable experience I had in Josephine's gallery - and the most unexpected one!

In one of the numerous touristic places we found a leaflet about feeding times for baby kangaroos in Josephine's Gallery. Twice a day - at 12 and 5pm - the gallery opens its doors for animal lovers...

This is Josephine herself with some of her babies. What began as an act of compassion (years ago Josephine and Terry, her husband, picked a baby kangaroo which they found in a pouch of a dead mother on the road) became a mission. Their backyard is transformed into a play ground for baby kangaroos which are brought to them from all over the place. Their home is transformed into a kangaroo kinder garden.
All babies went through a sad story of loosing their mother due to a road accident or hunting (Aboriginal people shoot them for dinner just as they did hundreds of years ago). Some of the babies have really tragic stories to tell, if they could. Some had being hunted by eagles and were eaten alive - piece by piece, some were attacked by the dogs...

Now, in the fenced backyard, surrounded by other kangaroos to
play with, fed and looked after by these 2 wonderful people, the little kangaroos become babies again: they skip,
they fight, they play, they beg for treats and seek attention, they demand their milk bottle "right now" and
prefer to avoid their "mom Josephine's" attempt to groom them - just like little children.

The babies are so soft, so fluffy... Their eyes are so big and beautiful.
Where else it is possible to hug, to pet, to feed a kangaroo in an intimate environment, face to face? Where else it is possible to handle a tiny bundle like this one?

It is definitely one of the most attractive places I visited in Australia in 15 years of my life here. The gallery is on the main street which is Hutchinson street 131-133
Their phone os +61 8 86725931 and they are looking for some helping hands in exchange for accommodation.

It is a link to a video about my visit to Josephine's Gallery in Coober Pedy.

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