Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tex and Bundy, the motocyclists

While travelling across Australia we stopped overnight in Tathra Beach Tourist Park not far from Bega, south of Sydney. It is a good camp site with a few exits right on a big and very good beach (mostly empty, which is a bonus).

However, the best event of that overnight stay was a meeting with Tex and Bundy.
First, our attention was drawn to а huge number of motorcycles in the park.
As we found out a Suzuki Club celebrated anniversary of some model of a Suzuki motorbike.
Then our attention was drawn to a bike covered with multiple paw prints and with a portrait of a dog on the front. Later we spotted the owner of the bike, or to be more accurate - 2 owners: a gentlemen in a proper motorcyclist's leather attire and a blue healer in the same type of outfit. They looked nearly like twins in their leather jackets, goggles and bandanas.
Then we learnt from them about a story of Bundy the dog, who rides motorbikes since the age of 3 months and loves it as much as her friend Tex.

We also learnt that Bundy and Tex are restless charity workers and that Bundy is well known not only in Australia, but around the world.
I can only add that it was a privilege to make acquaintances with such exceptional characters. But being an ordinary person myself I would not want my dog Simba to acquire the same ambitions. She was deeply interested in a motorbike riding dog, and showed some inclinations to try the same. After that meeting I gave Simba a lecture about all dangers of riding bikes - motor or not - and now I have to hope that she listened.
After all, boldness and reklessness as well as thriving for stardom are very attractive.

This is Tex' and Bundy's record:

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